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What To Check Before Calling An Expert About A Pool Leak

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Loss of water from your pool is normal. Evaporation and splashing are all part of normal water loss. But, if you are noticing that you are needing to add 2 or more inches of water each week to your pool, you may have a pool leak. A leak in a fiberglass pool can cause the

How to Find a Water Leak in Your Pool Fast

By |2019-07-08T22:53:29-05:00August 3rd, 2018|General Information, Pool Leak Detection|

Everyone loves to be out in the health-boosting sun while floating along in a beautiful pool. It's a luxury that is hard to beat, especially in the summer. But pools of all types can get leaks from time to time. If you're beginning to notice a severe change in your water level, it's time to figure out

5 Warning Signs You Have a Leaking Pool

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On average, water usage and price has raised in the United States by 54 percent. A family of four using 150 gallons per day paid $71.53 per month in 2010. In 2017, that same family would be paying $108.82. This surprising increase in the cost of water is probably doubly as troubling for people with