Pool Resurfacing

If someone provides you a pool crack repair quote to fix a crack in your pool with regular staples or an epoxy injection followed by plastering over it, then you can expect to have to repair it again in 6 to 12 months. All pools experience some wear-and-tear over the years, but when you’re in need for pool resurfacing and repair, our professionally trained experts at Texas Fiberglass Pools Inc. are here to assist! We offer a variety of colors for your fiberglass pool surface: white, light blue, blue, medium blue, and blue-green. Our fiberglass resurfacing will bring sparkle and splendor to you homestead or commercial business for generations.

Feel the comfort of knowing that a pool crack repair done by Texas Fiberglass Pools Inc. comes with a limited 5 year warranty. Preparation is the most important thing. Customers in the past that have used silicon, epoxy, pool putty, and even tape to try to stop the leaks have found out that the cheapest way is not the right way. If you want your pool crack repair done the professional way, contact your friends at Texas Fiberglass Pools Inc.

Plano TX Fiberglass Pool Remodeling Job


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