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Oak Cliff fiberglass pool repair

Perk Up Your Texas Yard Instantly With Fiberglass Pool Remodeling

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Repair Made Easy By Texas Fiberglass Pools Inc

Your fiberglass pool has no doubt transformed your yard, offering a lot of pizzazz for virtually no maintenance. But sooner or later, every pool needs some major work done, whether for practical reasons or purely cosmetic ones. Due to the availability of new products and materials a pool renovation can leave your pool looking better than it did when it was new. Fiberglass Pool remodeling can do wonders for the overall appearance of your backyard.Here are a few of the most common reasons to consider fiberglass pool remodeling:

  • Pool materials are worn down and need to be replaced
  • Pump, filter and plumbing need an overhaul
  • Plumbing needs to be brought up to current standards
  • Design no longer meets current needs
  • Old pool needs new features to liven things up



Other than the shape of the pool, virtually anything is possible when a willing home or business owner is paired with the creative and skilled craftsmen at Texas Fiberglass Pools. Like everything else, swimming pool interiors wear out over time. The good news is, there are likely way more options for resurfacing now than when your pool was first built. With a brand new finish, you can dramatically change your pool’s appearance for the better. The bad news is, all those options can make it hard to decide which direction to go. Renovations can include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • Replacement of the tile or coping
  • Resurfacing the interior of the pool
  • Deck resurfacing
  • Addition of water features such as a waterfall or bubbler
  • Diving board or water slide
  • Change of pool depth
  • Conversion to salt water system
  • Addition of tanning ledges

When you choose Texas Fiberglass Pools for your pool renovation project, we start with your vision and goals. We assess your needs as a family and what you anticipate your backyard desires will likely be in years to come. Call us for a free consultation: (972) 241-6608.


Pool Renovation Is The Secret To Backyard Genius

At Texas Fiberglass Pools, we want to help you realize your ultimate dream backyard sanctuary. No matter what pool challenge you’re facing—structural,plumbing, aesthetic—we will work with you to come up with an innovative plan.Pool remodeling requires skilled workmanship that shouldn’t be trusted to someone inexperienced. Whether you are looking to remodel your pool’s surface or want to enhance the overall look with rock features or waterfalls, the experts at Texas Fiberglass Pools can help. Here are some different ways pool remodeling can change the look and feel of your pool:

  • Lighting. The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to a beautiful pools cape.LED light scan enhance your pool with rich, vibrant colors and beautiful underwater light shows.
  • Flagstone. A modern flagstone design can upgrade the entire look of your yard. A flagstone remodeling can refresh a tired looking deck or serve as a replacement for a broken, crumbling patio.
  • Waterfalls. Imagine a waterfall that cascades over a rock from the deck into the pool or water flowing from decorative statues or planters. These are just some water features we can add to your pool or yard.


Call Texas Fiberglass Pools for a free consultation today at (972) 241-6608. Discover how our pool remodeling experts can work with you to plan the dream backyard you’ve always imagined.

Can Pool Remodeling Solve Your Pool Nightmares?

If your swimming pool is showing its age, a remodeling project can make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of your home and yard. We can help you develop a plan that will turn your existing pool into a breathtaking backyard escape. If your pool is outdated or worn-looking due to age or neglect, you’ll be amazed how Texas Fiberglass Pools can convert it into a luxurious resort-style getaway. Here are some reasons to call us for a free estimate:

  • Surface problems- A resurfacing project may be in order if your pool’s surface is showing its age with cracks, blisters or discoloration.
  • Leaks- There are many reasons your pool could be losing water, but if it’s a bonafide leak, there’s no time to lose.
  • System issues- Faulty filters or malfunctioning plumbing means it’s time to call in a professional.
  • Cosmetic defects- No one wants a perfect yard ruined by a discolored pool or one that’s marred by imperfections.


Call Texas Fiberglass Pools and find out how your existing pool problems can disappear with a personalized remodeling plan that will turn your existing pool into a breathtaking backyard escape.  You can reimagine your yard with rock waterfalls, a diving rock, spa, a stone fire pit, a new patio with a custom coping, and dramatic landscaping. Do as much or as little as you desire. Consult with the Dallas Fort Worth pool remodeling experts at Texas Fiberglass Pools to turn the pool you have into the pool you’ll want for years to come.

Call Texas Fiberglass Pools When You Need Pool Remodeling

Texas Fiberglass Pools has become one of the most sought after pool remodeling companies in the Dallas Fort Worth market today. We provide the latest fiberglass pool remodeling services and technology available.Before you hire a company to handle one of your largest home renovation projects, make sure they have:

  • A long list of completed pool remodeling projects
  • Referrals and testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Information about the type and length of warranty
  • Proper licensing, credentialing and insurance
  • Information about the supervisor and work crew
  • Detailed estimate and work outline, including cleanup responsibilities


At Texas Fiberglass Pools, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the service and work we do. Our number one goal is your complete satisfaction and we aim to impress everyone our customers with outstanding workmanship. Whether you maintain a public pool, a baptistery or a historic fountain or backyard pool, Texas Fiberglass Pools is sure to exceed your high expectations. Call us today at (972) 241-6608.


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