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How Does The Summer Heat Impact Your Swimming Pool?

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Summer is here and it’s going to be a minute before temperatures begin to cool down. While you enjoy the relaxation of your swimming pool, keep in mind that your pool could be negatively impacted by the heat. Not every material was meant to withstand day after day sun exposure, and issues can quickly arise,

The 5 Most Common Fiberglass Pool Problems and How to Fix Them

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Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for adults and kids in the US. Despite the many pool problems, it is the fourth most popular sport in the US after walking and exercising. In the US, there are 10.4 million residential swimming pools and 309,000 public swimming pools. This number is growing annually. Today, home builders

Patio Care: How To Clean Flagstone

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So far in 2019, the deck and patio industry has a total revenue of nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars. There's nothing quite like a flagstone patio to help make the most of your outdoor space. They're ideal if you've got a pool as they keep cool in hot weather and stand up to water well.

What You Need to Know About Resurfacing a Pool

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In Spring 2017, there were about 18 million Americans living in a home with a pool, spa or spa. Add to that the public pools and it shows there's a large affinity for swimming. With time, though, resurfacing a pool becomes important due to the wear and tear. There are several good reasons for resurfacing.

How To Tackle Cloudy Pool Water After Rain

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Get Your Pool Water Sparkling Again After A Rainstorm Even the most pristine pool water can quickly go from crystal clear to cloudy pool water after rain, sometimes within a matter of minutes. With the soaking rains we’ve come to expect in the South and West during the summer months, it’s important to understand

Does My Fiberglass Pool Need Winter Pool Care?

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During the summer your pools brings you many fun filled days. Lots of great family memories are created around the backyard pool. Once autumn rolls around, everyone starts to feel a little sad, knowing it will be a while before you can really enjoy your back yard oasis again. Winter pool care makes sure you

Fiberglass Pool Care (Even Easier Than You Thought!)

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So you’ve made the decision to install a fiberglass pool – Congratulations! Fiberglass pool care is a breeze! Given the proper care, you should be able to enjoy your fiberglass pool for many years, in fact, longer than most if not all other types of pools. Many people choose to hire a professional pool cleaning