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Oak Cliff fiberglass pool repair

Fiberglass Pool Repair FAQ

You have questions; we have answers. At Texas Fiberglass Pools, we know how important communication is and we will answer your questions every step of the way. You will get a thorough explanation and written estimate when we first meet with you. We will check in with you during the course of the job. And we’ll follow-up with you again after the job is finished and you’ve had a chance to enjoy your newly refinished pool.

Here are answers to some questions we get a lot:

To get started with any of our pool services, contact us directly at 469.585.6140 or complete our contact form.

Yes, each and every member of our pool service crew at Texas Fiberglass Pools is highly trained and experienced. From your initial contact to your service estimate appointment to the completion of work, a pool service expert will be there to ensure the work is done properly and that you are completely satisfied.

Yes. The winter/off-season is the best time to have your pool resurfaced and repaired. At Texas Fiberglass Pools we work year-round providing pool service. In fact, having your major pool services performed during the off-season ensures little to no interruption during the peak pool season. Therefore, you and your family will get the most out of your pool during the warmer months of the year.

Yes! There is no such thing as a fiberglass swimming pool that can’t be repaired. One of the many great features of fiberglass pools is that they can always be repaired if damage occurs.

Fiberglass is very forgiving, but it requires some labor and considerable knowledge to repair and restore the pool to its original watertight condition. This is what makes Texas Fiberglass Pools stand out from the competition – we have years of experience. 

Texas Fiberglass Pools is the leading fiberglass pool repair and remodeling company in Texas. We have the knowledge, materials and equipment to repair and restore your fiberglass swimming pool, spa, fountain, patio, plumbing, tile, coping and more.

Many factors go into the calculation of time for your pool resurfacing. Many of the projects our crew at Texas Fiberglass Pools takes on often last one to three weeks. For smaller projects that do not require much work outside of the pool resurfacing will take less time. Projects that include patio/walkway installation, deck resurfacing, tile and coping, and other pool repairs and upgrades will take longer to complete.At the time of your pool-resurfacing estimate, we will provide you an approximate timeframe for your project.

Fiberglass pool remodeling and repair is the most effective option for resurfacing pools. It lasts much longer than vinyl, concrete and plaster, requires much less maintenance and fewer chemicals. No matter what your pool is made of—fiberglass, concrete or vinyl—fiberglass is the material of choice for a long-lasting repair and lustrous finish. Fiberglass also resists algae growth and offers a wider selection of molded steps, benches and sun decks.

Texas Fiberglass Pools is based in Dallas, TX and we provide all of our services throughout the entire Dallas Fort Worth area, which includes most of North Texas. For some of our fiberglass pool resurfacing customers needing service outside of this area, we can travel to other parts of Texas if necessary.

Texas Fiberglass Pools is the leading fiberglass pool repair and remodeling company in Texas. We provide a wide range of pool services. We provide pool resurfacing, crack repair, leak detection, plumbing repair, patio installation, waterfall installation/repair, baptistery resurfacing/repair, deck resurfacing, and more. We also provide a complete pool maintenance program that includes pool cleaning, pool chemicals, vacuuming, pool equipment cleaning, and testing for leaks and other repairs.

If your swimming pool needs repair or service of any kind, Texas Fiberglass Pools can help.

Everything stays as-is. We cut the fiberglass for each opening.

We use a textured finish to make sure it is not slippery. This textured surface does not take away from the colors or sparkles and is barely visible when water is in the pool or spa. The texture creates secure standing areas on the bottom of the pool. We also provide an exceptional non-slip polymer for extra security on the steps.

Some chemicals will change but you will use less. Algae will no longer be a factor in pool maintenance. The finish is non-porous so algae can’t cling.

A problem with older fiberglass pools is they may begin to suffer from the “black plague.” Most fiberglass pools are protected with a clear gel coat that over time can develop pinholes or blisters that turn black due to osmosis. Depending upon how many blisters you have your pool could be leaking.

It’s perfectly normal for the water level in your pool to decrease due to wind, humidity and sun exposure. Just because your water level is lower than normal does not mean your pool has a leak. Our highly trained technicians will inspect your pool and equipment and perform a complete plumbing and seam leak test. Using the latest leak detection technology, we will find the problem no matter where it’s located, even hidden deep under ground.

At Texas Fiberglass Pools, just about anything you can imagine, we can accomplish. We understand that your swimming pool needs change as your family grows up. We can turn a kiddie pool into a spa or fountain or come up with a completely new look with lights and waterfalls.

We are the leading baptistery resurfacing and repair authorities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our professional team will handle your baptistery with care, fixing cracks, leaks, stains and blemishes, and restoring it to its former glory.

Whether you have a backyard pool or manage dozens of commercial locations, Texas Fiberglass Pools can help you with any problems you’re having. From leak detection and crack repair to resurfacing and full scale remodeling, look no further than the fiberglass pool restoration experts at Texas Fiberglass Pools.

If your pool deck or patio is old, cracked and needs resurfacing, you will be amazed at how we can bring it back to life. At Texas Fiberglass Pools, we specialize in durable, decorative flagstone renovations, the ideal type of stone for patios, outdoor kitchens and more. Flagstone comes in many colors and textures, so it’s easy to match the look and finish to your existing yard and landscaping.

Do you have more questions? Call us today for a free evaluation and no-obligation estimate at 972-241-6608. At Texas Fiberglass Pools, we promise to make you happy.

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