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Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

Owners of Texas and the surrounding states of Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas and Nebraska pools and spas that are in poor condition due to wear and tear, abuse, or an accident, can have these pools resurfaced. Based on your pools foundation, there are a couple options to fix your pool. Our Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing Services are recommended for units constructed of ground gunite, concrete, or block and fiberglass walled with concrete bottoms. People commonly use vinyl, concrete and paint, or concrete and plaster renovation; but these materials are cheap, require more maintenance, and wear out faster than fiberglass.

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing by Texas Fiberglass Pools Inc.

Fiberglass Coating for Your Pool

Fiberglass coated pools are able to handle all the angles; steps, curves, and other features within a pool or hot tub are easily coated by fiberglass. Compared to other resurfacing materials, the Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing that we offer through Texas Fiberglass Pools Inc. will hold up for more years of use and require less maintenance.

How is this possible? Fiberglass is better because a natural characteristic of the fiberglass material is being able to move with your pool during contraction and expansion during weather conditions, which cause serious damage to other materials, such as plaster and exposed concrete.

What are your options for Pool Resurfacing?

We resurface existing pools made of gunite, fiberglass, or a “combination” (a combination pool is made with either fiberglass walls or metal walls and a concrete bottom) with new fiberglass.

We have yet to meet a pool we cannot renovate and remodel! Fiberglass Pools maintain their shape in any condition, and they require much less maintenance. We offer a variety of colors for your fiberglass pool surface: white, light blue, blue, medium blue, and blue-green. Our fiberglass pool surfaces will bring sparkle, splendor, and sustainability to your pool for generations.

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