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Do You Need Pool Leak Detection In Texas?

pool leak detectionPool leak detection, figuring out if your pool really has a leak can be tough. Wind, humidity and sun exposure all impact the rate of your pool’s water evaporation. Just because your water level is lower than normal does not mean your pool has a leak. If you suspect something isn’t right and there are signs of possible issues, like cracks or bulging, it’s better to be safe than sorry and call Texas Fiberglass Pools. The longer a pipe or pool shell is leaking, the more costly the eventual fix will be.

Be on the lookout for these warning signs that you need pool leak detection:

  • Your pool, fountain, or spa loses more than a quarter-inch of water a day
  • There are cracks in or around the pool decking
  • You need to add water more than once a week
  • Grass around the area is soggy
  • Your pool deck is sinking or lifting


Getting your pool leak fixed begins with a visit from Texas Fiberglass Pools, Inc. Through advanced swimming pool leak detection methods, our pool experts will act quickly to minimize the damage from the swimming pool leak and return your pool to normal. We’ll come to your home and inspect your pool to see if we can diagnose the problem and offer you a cost-effective solution.

If you do have signs of a leak,don’t delay and call the pool leak detection professionals at Texas Fiberglass Pools. Leaks can be tricky and there’s no way of knowing if the issue can be resolved in a few hours or days. The quicker you call, the faster we can get you and your family back in the pool and enjoying your yard.

Is Your Pool Losing Water?

Over time, it is the inevitable that your pool will lose water through evaporation and through regular use. However, losing water could also be a sign of a leak in your pool. A major sign is if you  have to add more than two inches of water each week to your pool. By Just adding the few inches of water could result in as much as 1,000 gallons of water a year which will lead to a higher water bill.

Even if it turns out you don’t have a leak, it’s worth the time to inspect the pool.

Why is it important to fix pool leaks? Because you can…

  • Limit wasted water and big utility bills
  • Save money on pool chemicals
  • Keep the pool’s machinery in good condition


Most of the time, a pool leak is not particularly obvious. Pool leak detection is a specialization within the pool industry and can be a quick fix when done by a professional.

Why Is Your Pool Leaking? A Few Things To Consider

Most in-ground pools contain about 20,000 gallons of water and lose water for different reasons, from natural forces to faulty pool construction or a break in the plumbing system. Water loss can be an issue because it can shift the balance of the pool chemistry and affect the sanitary quality of water. Water loss can also cause component damage if the level of pool water drops below the skimmer inlets and air gets sucked into the system. Because water loss may be gradual in pools, homeowners may not recognize it until the problem becomes quite advanced.

Here are a few things to consider if you suspect you might need pool leak detection:

  • Is the pool leaking only with the equipment on? This may indicate a pressure-side return leak. Check to ensure water is consistently running through the waste or backwash line. One inch of your pool water can equal 500 gallons. Check downhill from the pool, where underground leakage is surfacing. Also check for soft or wet spots in the yard, on the side of the pool where the plumbing returns water to the pool.
  • Is the pool leaking only with the equipment off? This usually indicates a suction-side leak or in the pipes that bring water from the pool. You might notice air in the pump basket, air bubbling out of the return lines, or air repeatedly built up inside the filter tank.
  • Does the pool leak all the time? This does not rule out leaks in the plumbing, but turns a suspicious eye on the shell of the pool.Look for cracks or tears. Look closely at the tile line and especially inside of the skimmers.


Call Texas Fiberglass Pools as soon as you suspect you need fiberglass pool leak detection. We are the experts when it comes to leak detection, fiberglass pool repair and fiberglass pool resurfacing and remodeling. We handle residential and commercial projects and even do baptisteries. Call us today for a free evaluation and no-cost estimate at 972-241-6608.

Common Types of Pool Leaks

Here are a few types of leaks you may encounter:

  1. Pressure-side return leak – A leak that forms due to the pressure on the plumbing.
  2. Suction-side leak – A sign of this leak is a buildup of air inside the filter tank.
  3. Crack in the plaster or vinyl – A pool that won’t stop leaking might have shell damage.

A yearly inspection from Texas Fiberglass Pools, Inc. can give you the peace-of-mind you need to enjoy your pool all summer long (and in the winter, too, if it is heated).

Preparing Your Pool For Leak Detection With Texas Fiberglass Pools

Some pool leak detection is a quick find and easy fix, but other leaks are more complicated, requiring sophisticated equipment. At Texas Fiberglass Pools, we have qualified and experienced pool leak detection professionals who are skilled in quickly pinpointing a leak’s location.

We will pressure-test your plumbing, dye-test the pool water and physically inspect the fiberglass. We have underwater microphones, diving equipment and the specialty expertise to locate small leaks underwater.

Before we arrive for a pool leak detection appointment, please do the following:

  • Vacuum your pool. Dirt and debris in the pool can make it difficult to spot leaks.
  • Make sure the water is clear.Green water infested with mildew, algae or fungi can make it impossible to test for leaks, and it’s also dangerous to your health.
  • Make sure your pool is full. Just before we are scheduled to arrive, fill the pool to its full level.


Here at Texas Fiberglass Pools,our highly trained technicians will inspect your pool and equipment and perform a complete plumbing and seam leak test. We’ll also provide an estimate to fix your pool and make recommendations about the best way to go about it.

In addition to the specialized training and state of the art equipment, our technicians also have years of experience in all phases of swimming pool repair and remodeling.We also have expertise in decks, patios, spas, fountains and baptisteries. When you hire Texas Fiberglass Pools for pool leak detection, you can have every confidence we will locate your pool leak. Call us for a pool leak inspection at 972-241-6608.

Arrange Your Pool Leak Detection Review

At Texas Fiberglass Pools, Inc., our pool experts provide efficient leak detection, and will use high-quality materials to conduct our Dallas pool repairs and renovations. We know your pool is a significant investment and provides your family with many hours of enjoyment each year. Contact Texas Fiberglass Pools, Inc. to help you extend the lifespan of your pool and make sure your pool is there for your family to enjoy for as long as you own your home.

The Texas Fiberglass Pools Difference

We are like a team of specialized sleuths when it comes to pool leak detection and can find the most insidious leak no matter where it is hidden. When you cal l Texas Fiberglass Pools, you can relax knowing we will not only find the leak but also expertly repair it and restore your swimming pool deck like nothing ever happened. At Texas Fiberglass Pools:

  • We have state-of-the-art pool leak detection technology
  • We staff the leading leak detection specialists in the industry
  • We years of experience, thousands of referrals and among the longest warranties in the business


Call Texas Fiberglass Pools for a pool leak inspection at 972-241-6608. Our goal is always complete customer satisfaction; we always stand behind our work and offer among the longest warranties in the industry. From the moment you call, to the final time we follow up, we will always ensure you are happy with our service to you and the work we performed.

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