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Swimming Pool Resurfacing in Rowlett, TX

Pool Repair Rowlett Texas Fiberglass Pools Inc. prides itself on servicing the greater DFW area with our excellent products and renovations. We are the masters of Rowlett fiberglass pool repairfiberglass pool resurfacing, and additionally resurface spas, decks, baptisteries, and more. Our goal is to save you money and lengthen the life of your pool while providing excellent customer service and the most prestigious products the industry’s manufacturers have to offer, and at an affordable price.

We are equipped to send a team of Rowlett fiberglass pool repair experts to your home or business to assess your swimming pool, spa, or deck resurfacing needs, provide you with a free written estimate, and perform our services in a timely and efficient manner. Commercial pool resurfacing, residential pool resurfacing, deck resurfacing, tile replacement, and custom coping installed by Fiberglass Pools Remodeling LLC can revitalize and lengthen the life of your pool for years to come, guaranteed.

Our primary services in Rowlett, TX include, But Not Limited To:

  • Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing

  • Pool Leak Detection

  • Fiberglass Pool Crack Repair

  • Gunite Pool Leak Repair

  • Fiberglass Pool Remodeling

  • Fiberglass Pool Plumbing Repair

  • Coping and Tile Installation

  • Flagstone Patio Replacement

  • Fiberglass Baptistery Repair and Resurfacing


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